Reboot the Future

Learning from Nature: Reciprocity. Guided Reflections with Kim Polman

November 11, 2022 Reboot the Future
Reboot the Future
Learning from Nature: Reciprocity. Guided Reflections with Kim Polman
Show Notes

Heighten your awareness of your connection to the natural world - noticing what is around you, imagining and learning about mycorrhizal networks below the ground, and discovering lessons from nature.

This audio piece is an intimate journey; a blend of wise reflection, guided questioning and noticing the world around us. We recommend you listen walking or sitting in a favourite place in nature.

Kim Polman is Co-Founder & Chair of Reboot the Future, whose purpose is to remind us that a better future is possible if we treat others and the planet as we’d wish to be treated; a modern version of the Golden Rule. Kim shares  her wisdom to help give fresh eyes, to heighten awareness of our connection to the natural world and to consider what it means to live in reciprocity.

Living the Golden Rule is not just a human principle.  It is found throughout nature.

Why is it so important for us to take the time to imagine and learn this?...
What is important for us in knowing about  mycorrhizal networks?...

In short, even if we are motivated mostly by our own selfish desires, we actually receive more in return if we care for others.

That’s one of the powerful things about this way of living. When we treat others and the planet as we wish to be treated - living by the Golden Rule - we realise we’re not alone. Our words and actions affect others, and this effect is passed on and on, growing and strengthening with every person, life-form and landform who comes into contact with us and carries our actions forward with them.

It is the ripple effect.
We’re all connected and affected by the ripples.

And the more we connect, the stronger we become, and the more we can create change. 


Kim refers to these texts in the audio:

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